A2Council Meeting Summaries

The content on this website is designed to help our community connect to the work of their representatives. I believe that our democracy is stronger when elected leaders are accountable to the people they represent.

My name is Elizabeth Nelson and I served on Ann Arbor City Council from 2018 to 2022. I know how our local government works and I believe that residents should, too. You can learn more about me at A2ELNEL.com.

For each Ann Arbor City Council meeting, I have written summaries of agenda items, along with Legistar links to primary sources, articles I’ve written, and articles published on MLive. I also provide links to the agenda on the City’s Legistar website, CTN’s YouTube video of the meeting, my newsletters, voting charts and video summaries of meetings and issues. I am compiling similar content for the City Planning Commission.

I also provide links to public meetings that I have recorded: meetings that are open to attend live (online or in-person) but are not made available by the City to view later.

Subscribe to my weekly newsletter to read about agenda items in advance of each City Council meeting. After each meeting, I send voting charts and highlights of how issues were decided.

In addition to written summaries on this website, I also make video summaries of City Council meetings, plus other City of Ann Arbor meetings. Subscribe to my YouTube channel to be alerted to content as I add it.

Thank you for choosing to be informed about our local government!

Democracy depends on an informed electorate.

Elizabeth Nelson

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I write an Ann Arbor City Council newsletter with my summary of agenda items coming before Ann Arbor City Council, plus news and events of interest to Ann Arbor residents. I send my newsletter out the weekend before every Council meeting so that you can see what’s on the agenda and have an opportunity to reach out to City Council with any concerns.

The weekend after Council meetings, I send an "A2Council Update" newsletter with my voting charts and highlights of how issues were decided.