Ann Arbor City Council: April 15, 2024

Apr 15, 2024 | City Council

This Ann Arbor City Council meeting was held in person at City Hall. Members of the public can participate in public hearings and public comment either in person or via phone.

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Ann Arbor City Council Meeting Summary

At the beginning of the meeting, City Administrator Milton Dohoney presented the proposed FY2025 City budget, which includes a feasibility study for a municipal power utility, plans for the sale of air rights on City-owned property to fund that study, and hirings for a new Office of Economic Development.

The FY2025 budget adds 20 FTEs and $9,476,760 (+7.6%) in recurring expenditures; it also includes $5,295,901 in nonrecurring expenditures. The budget is balanced by taking a total of $2,791,015 from the Fund Balance (savings).

The budget presentation can be found here:

The whole of the proposed city budget can be viewed on the City’s Financial Reporting page (along with previously adopted annual budgets):

This is a direct link to the proposed FY2025 budget:

MLive stories about the budget presentation:

Two items were approved to release roadway rights near the proposed “Arbor South” development by Oxford Properties.

  • APPROVED: Two lengths of roadway rights — 51-feet-long and 229-feet-long — across the eastern 50 feet of 2845 South State Street will be released. These lengths of roadway rights were requested by Oxford Companies on behalf of the property owner, for the purpose of facilitating redevelopment. In 1973, these roadway rights were acquired by the City for the potential expansion of State Street. Staff explains this week that “further widening of South State Street is no longer contemplated.” (Legistar)

APPROVED: Council authorized the acquisition of easements for planned improvements at Nixon Road, south of M-14 (not including the Dhu Varren Roundabout). The design was completed in 2020 but revised in 2024. It will incorporate roundabouts at at Sandalwood, Bluett/Meade Court and Traver, a new median, a buffered bicycle lane in both directions, lighting and landscape improvements, a new 16-inch watermain, and stormwater management improvements. (Legistar)

  • These amenities require the acquisition of easements from property owners at the following addresses:
    • 2301 Sandalwood Circle
    • VL Traver Blvd
    • 2600 Nixon Rd.
    • 2464 Nixon Rd.
    • 2600 Nadia Ct.
    • 2601 Nadia Ct.
    • 2616 Nixon Rd.
    • 2700 Nixon Rd.
    • VL Nixon Rd. (Northbury Condominium)
    • 2760 Nixon Rd.
  • The affected property owners will be offered compensation based on appraisals. The City attorney will authorized to acquire these easements either through agreement or legal condemnation process.

APPROVED: The City will issue a Downtown Development District Liquor License (“Class C”) to Uplift Ann Arbor, LLC, at 210 S. First St. The liquor license will permit the sale of beer, wine, and liquor in partnering with Circ Bar as a food vendor. (Legistar)

APPROVED: The Main Street Social District is amended. The social district permits the service of alcohol in a shared, common space. (Legistar)

APPROVED (First Reading): Water rates will be increased. City staff estimate that the average residential customer will see an increase of 6%. Changes will take effect on July 1, 2024. (Legistar)

APPROVED (First Reading): Stormwater rates will be increased by 3% of the stormwater discharge fee based on impervious surface and 2% for the customer charge. City staff estimate that the average residential customer will see an increase of 4%. Changes will take effect on July 1, 2024. (Legistar)

APPROVED (First Reading): Sewer rates will be increased, City staff estimate that the average residential customer will see an increase of 3%. Changes will take effect on July 1, 2024. (Legistar)

APPROVED (First Reading): Annexed parcels totaling 0.74 acres at 3701 and 3713 Riverside Drive will be rezoned to R1D (Single Family Zoning District). The owner intends to sell them for “development opportunities”and requested R1A (Single Family Dwelling District) zoning. City staff recommended R1B (Single Family Dwelling District) zoning for consistency with surrounding land uses, and the opportunity to evaluate future zoning of the area comprehensively. The City’s Comprehensive Plan recommends single family residential and surrounding properties are zoned R1B and PL (Public Land). (Legistar)

  • In September 2023, the City Planning commission rejected both the property owner request (R1A) and City staff recommendation (R1B) and approved R1D zoning instead.
  • Compared to staff-recommended R1B, a zoning of R1D has half the required lot area, reduced setback requirements, and may require a greater degree of services than the less dense Single-Family Zoning Districts. In answers to written questions to the agenda, staff explained: “There is no water or storm sewer service provided to this area.” At the April 15, 2024 Council meeting, staff explained that – in order to accommodate the new zoning – current standards/requirements might be waived and additional infrastructure may be needed to address stormwater water runoff from impervious surfaces.

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Ann Arbor City Council Voting Chart for April 15, 2024 Part 1
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