Ann Arbor City Council: August 2, 2021

Aug 2, 2021 | City Council

This was the thirty third regular Ann Arbor City Council meeting since Governor Whitmer declared a state of emergency and stay-at-home order due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This meeting was held online via the Zoom application. Michigan Open Meetings Act changes effective April 1, 2021 require all Council Members to state their location.

CM Radina called in from Roscommon, MI
CM Song called in from Charlevoix, MI

Ann Arbor City Council Meeting Summary

Two resolutions related to concluding employment with City Administrator Tom Crawford

APPROVED: The City’s Early Leasing Ordinance will add requirements: for leases longer than eight months, a landlord must communicate the terms of a lease renewal no later than 180 days before the end of the term. Landlords will not be permitted to show rental units to prospective tenants or enter into leases for a subsequent term until 150 days before the end of the current lease term. (Legistar)

APPROVED: Downtown street closures (Main and Liberty) for Taste of Ann Arbor on Sunday, September 19, 2021 (6 AM to 6 PM) (Legistar)

APPROVED: Street closures (E. Keech and S. Main) for home games during Michigan Football Season: 9/4, 9/11, 9/18, 9/25, 10/23, 11/6, 11/27 (Legistar)

APPROVED: Allocation of $439,780.38 to fill sidewalk gaps on Barton, Traver, Stimson, and Boardwalk. (Legistar)

APPROVED: A historic study committee will be established to make recommendations about the Robert Hayden House at 1201 Gardner Avenue. (Legistar)

APPROVED: Amendments to Council Rules will allow the Chair of a meeting (Mayor) to determine when any attendee has engaged in a personal attack that disrupts the meeting or (in language added) is “unrelated to Council business.” The Chair may make a call to order and mute any attendee who is attending remotely. (Legistar)

APPROVED: A ballot question for 11/4/21 will approve ranked choice voting in our local elections (if the state ever passes a law that would permit ranked choice voting). In a conventional election, voters communicate a single choice and, among multiple candidates, a contest can be one with a plurality rather than a majority of votes. A ranked choice system of voting would permit voters to “rank” every candidate for City Council and Mayor numerically in both our partisan primaries and general elections. Ranked choice voting would measure voter preferences more accurately in contests between more than two candidates. (Legistar)

APPROVED: A question will be put on the 11/4/21 ballot for a City charter amendment. The City charter will acknowledge a method for emergency procurement of supplies, materials, equipment, professional services, and construction services without obtaining prior Council approval and securing competitive bidding. The City charter would permit such emergency procurement, according to city ordinance. (Legistar)

APPROVED: A question would be put on the 11/4/21 ballot for a City charter amendment. The City Administrator would be permitted to make appropriations and purchases of up to $75,000 without competitive bidding or the approval of Council. (The amount of $75,000 would also be subject to adjustment for inflation.) Currently, the limit for such purchases is $25,000. (Legistar)

A2ELNEL Voting Chart

Ann Arbor City Council Voting Chart for August 2, 2021 Part 1
Ann Arbor City Council Voting Chart for August 2, 2021 Part 2
Ann Arbor City Council Voting Chart for August 2, 2021 Part 3
Ann Arbor City Council Voting Chart for August 2, 2021 Part 4

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