Ann Arbor City Council: February 18, 2020

Feb 19, 2020 | City Council

This Ann Arbor City Council meeting was held in person at City Hall.

On February 7, 2020, Police Chief Michael Cox was placed on administrative leave by City Administrator Howard Lazarus “pending resolution of a personnel matter” (Legistar)

Ann Arbor City Council Meeting Summary

APPROVED: Concluding employment agreement with City Administrator Howard Lazarus (Legistar)

APPROVED: To increase transparency, Council liaison(s) & commissioner(s) may recommend Board and Commission appointments to the Mayor (Legistar)​​​

APPROVED: To improve transparency, Resolution for City Council Communications (Legistar)

APPROVED: Resolution to Establish Council Mobility Committee (Legistar)

APPROVED: Barton drive sidewalk improvements: $98,500 Brede Place to Pontiac Trail (Legistar), $51,000 Barton at Starwick (Legistar)

APPROVED:  $10,000 increase in funding for Veterans Treatment Court, support and services for veterans in the criminal justice system (Legistar)

APPROVED: $38,913 for lighting design services for Ann Arbor Skate Park (Legistar)

APPROVED:  Washtenaw Housing Alliance Pledge: housing is a human right, government plays a role to increase access, we value mixed income density in urban centers (Legistar)

APPROVED: $593,201 appropriation of Affordable Housing Trust Funds without regard to fiscal year (Legistar)

A2ELNEL Voting Chart

Ann Arbor City Council Voting Chart for February 18, 2020 Part 1
Ann Arbor City Council Voting Chart for February 18, 2020 Part 2

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