Ann Arbor City Council: July 17, 2023

Jul 17, 2023 | City Council

This Ann Arbor City Council meeting was held in person at City Hall. Members of the public can participate in public hearings and public comment either in person or via phone.

CM Ghazi Edwin was absent

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Ann Arbor City Council Meeting Summary

In Council comments, Mayor Taylor spoke about a five-day trip to Tuebingen, Germany, organized by the City. Nine people flew to Ann Arbor’s sister city to engage in conversation about climate action. According to the MLive article, “Joining Taylor and his wife on the trip were Council Members Travis Radina and Lisa Disch, Sustainability Director Missy Stults, Housing Commission Director Jennifer Hall, Community Services Administrator Derek Delacourt, City Engineer Nick Hutchinson and the Community Action Network’s Derrick Miller.”

REMOVED From Agenda: A resolution directing that $6,200,000 be transferred from the Ann Arbor Housing Commission to the City’s General Fund, to purchase the City-owned property at 350 S. Fifth (the “Y Lot”). The City paid $5.2 million for this property in 2018. Staff confirmed that approximately $5 million is needed to relieve debt attached to it. Staff confirmed a plan to use the additional funds (~$1 million) from the Housing Commission for “other initiatives.” (Legistar)

APPROVED: Rezoning petition for the 1140 Broadway “Beekman on Broadway” development. The existing C1A/R Campus Business Residential With Conditions zoning designation is amended, lifting the requirement that a future building conform to a site plan previously approved. In 2018, the 6.4 acre property was rezoned from PUD (Planned Unit Development) to C1A/R with conditions, including a site plan that would attach to the zoning designation. The development at 1140 Broadway is comprised of three buildings, two of which are already built. The amended conditional zoning will apply to the third building and “enable significantly more dwelling units to be constructed within approximately the same approved building mass.” (Legistar)

APPROVED: New site plan for 999 Maiden Lane, which is part of the 1140 Broadway “Beekman on Broadway” development. The plan is for a 1.4 acre building site with a proposed 180,200 square foot building, 7-stories tall. The new site plan adds 119 dwelling units, a change from 617 (prior site plan) to 736 (new site plan). Parking is removed and a swimming pool added. (Legistar)

The transportation impact analysis (TIA) included with the updated site plan used a 2017 assessment, based on 617 units from the original site plan. A staff report dated May 2, 2023 (link) explained that a professional engineer must confirm that this TIA is still valid, or the developer must provide an updated plan. A staff report date June 3, 2023 (link) attached to the site plan resolution before City Council recommended an updated multimodal transportation impact analysis (MTIA) be performed, but the developer “refused to provide an updated MTIA for the site”.

APPROVED: $40,000 will be spent to install traffic calming devices on Granger Avenue. Tress will be removed for the installation of two raised crosswalks, one at Granger and Olivia and another at Granger and S. Forest. (Legistar)

APPROVED: During the 2023 UM football season, Main Street (Pauline to Stadium), Keech (east of Main), Greene, and Kipke will be closed to vehicular traffic. (Legistar)

APPROVED: A request from the University of Michigan to change traffic patterns and parking during the student move-in program. Street closures will be in effect from Wednesday August 23 through Sunday August 27, 2023. (Legistar)

APPROVED (First Reading): Eleven annexed parcels will be added to the zoning map of the City of Ann Arbor. The parcels are located on Newport Road, Bird Road, and Victoria Circle and will be rezoned from TWP (Township) to R1D (Single-Family Dwelling district). City staff recommended R1A zoning, but Mayoral appointees on the Planning commission recommend R1D. The R1D zoning is distinct from the surrounding R1A zoning but will allow increased opportunity for the properties to be divided for additional housing. (Legistar)

The distinction between R1A and R1D is explained in the Unified Development Code: “Application of the R1D and R1E district may require a greater degree of services than the less dense Single-Family Zoning Districts. To assure health, safety and welfare, any future R1D and R1E zoning areas should be contingent upon the availability or provision of adequate public services to serve the higher densities permitted by that district, in addition to other pertinent planning considerations.”

The minimum lot size for R1A is 20,000 sq. ft; the minimum lot size for R1D is 5,000 sq. ft.
The minimum front setback for R1A is 40 feet; the minimum front setback for R1D is 25 feet.

A chart with these and other differences between the two zoning districts (e.g. setbacks, lot width, etc) can be found in section 5.17.3 on page 80 of the “Unified Development Code Eighth Edition (February 26, 2023)” at the link below.

APPROVED (First Reading): An ordinance amendment lifts the requirement that one commissioner be the “owner or operator of a transportation business operating in the City of Ann Arbor.” The Transportation Commission was first established in 2016, when the Taxicab Board was disbanded. (Legistar)

Since 2016, the Transportation Commission has included eleven members:

  • 6 members of the public
  • 1 owner or operator of a transportation business operating in Ann Arbor
  • 1 member of the Planning Commission
  • 1 member of the Commission on Disability Issues
  • 1 individual appointed by the board of the Ann Arbor Area Transportation Authority
  • 1 member of City Council

Seven members of the general public will now serve on the Transportation Commission.

A2ELNEL Voting Chart

Ann Arbor City Council Voting Chart for July 17, 2023 Part 1
Ann Arbor City Council Voting Chart for July 17, 2023 Part 2

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