Ann Arbor City Council: October 2, 2023

Oct 2, 2023 | City Council

This Ann Arbor City Council meeting was held in person at City Hall. Members of the public can participate in public hearings and public comment either in person or via phone.

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Ann Arbor City Council Meeting Summary

APPROVED: The City Administrator is directed to “strongly encourage” DTE to improve infrastructure, reliability/resilience and bury power lines. (Legistar)

In discussion of this resolution, Council referenced reports on City response to and expenses related to storm events and power outages in February/March, June, and July 2023. (link to reports)

This report was requested by a Council resolution passed August 7, 2023. (Legistar)

The reports listed expenses of $1.8 million spent on all three storm events:

  • $1.6 million from Feb 22/March 3 storms
  • $76,000 from June 25 storm
  • $209,000 from July 26 storm

The bulk of storm related city costs was in response to the first storm event in late February and early March. This included $1.5 million of expenditures in the Public works department, which managed a city-wide tree limb and branch pickup service.

The Fire Department reported additional expenses of less than $13,000 for overtime and storm-related incidents, some of which were related to failures in DTE service and infrastructure.

A2ELNEL Voting Chart

Ann Arbor City Council Voting Chart for October 2, 2023 Part 1
Ann Arbor City Council Voting Chart for October 2, 2023 Part 2

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