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A2Council Meeting Summary

Ann Arbor City Council Special Session: August 10, 2020

This was a Special Session of Ann Arbor City Council to discuss a Charter Amendment for Nonpartisan Local Elections. If approved, the question would be put to voters on the November 2020 ballot. This meeting was held online via the Zoom application.

Ann Arbor City Council Meeting Summary

APPROVED: A charter amendment would be placed on the 11/3/20 ballot for voter approval, establishing non-partisan nomination and elections to the city offices for Mayor and members of Council. This removes party affiliation from the ballot and also ensures a contested election in November if more than one candidate files to run for the offices of Mayor or City Council. If there are two or fewer candidates, there is no primary election in August and the candidates appear on the ballot in November, without party affiliation. If more than two candidates petition to run for Mayor or City Council, all candidates would appear on a primary ballot in August, without party affiliation. The two primary candidates receiving the highest number of votes in August would then appear on the November ballot, again without party affiliation. (Legistar)