Ann Arbor City Planning Commission: April 18, 2023

Apr 18, 2023 | Planning

This meeting was held in person at City Hall.

Commissioner Abrons was absent
Commissioner Gibb-Randall was absent
Commissioner Mills was absent

RECONSIDERATION DENIED: The University of Michigan Credit Union petitioned the Planning Commission for reconsideration of a site plan for 2929 Plymouth Road that was denied at the April 4, 2023 meeting. Reconsideration was denied in a 2-4 vote. (Legistar)

DENIED: Amendments to Permitted and Accessory Uses in the TC1 Transit Corridor District. As amended at the table, the main motion failed in a 5-0 vote (6 votes were required). (Legistar)

  • As noted in a staff report, “City Council directed the Planning Commission to evaluate and recommend amendments to the TC1 (Transit Corridor) district to incorporate limited automobile-related uses and address constraints of existing narrow rights-of-way by Resolution R-22-390 passed on December 5, 2022”. Link to the Dec 5, 2022 Council meeting :
  • From the Planning Commission minutes: “Commissioner Lee recused himself from the discussion based on his employer’s ownership of land in TC1“. According to Linkedin, Wonwoo Lee is the Chief Real Estate Officer for Oxford Companies.
  • Due to other commissioner absences, this left 5 voting members of the Planning Commission. Six votes were required to pass the main motion.
  • As amended, the main motion (which was denied) read as follows:
    • The Ann Arbor City Planning Commission hereby recommends that the Mayor and City Council approve amendments to Chapter 55 Unified Development Code:
      • To allow automobile, motorcycle, recreation vehicle, equipment sales and rental as a Special Exception Use in the TC1 district (Section 5.15, Table 5.15-1);
      • To allow automobile, truck and construction equipment repair as a Special Exception Use in the TC1 district (Section 5.15, Table 5.15-1);
      • To add TC1 to Unified Development Code section 5.16.3 Commercial Uses, subsection C.1 which requires “Storage and Repair of Automobiles, Trucks, and Construction Equipment must be located in an enclosed Building.”
      • To redesign the Transit Corridor Development Use Specific Standards table to clarify the building typologies and application of standards (Section 5.16, Table 5.16-2)

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CTN Video:

Meeting Length: 3h 15m

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