A2Council Meeting Summary

Ann Arbor City Planning Commission: April 5, 2022

This meeting was held in person at City Hall.

APPROVED: Site plan for the construction of 70 unit apartment complex on 2.56 acres at 1577, 1605, 1633 North Maple Road and 2510 Miller Road (“Maple Cove”). The development will be 79,482 square feet in three buildings, with 86 vehicle parking spaces and 38 bicycle parking spaces. The site plan combines four parcels and includes a Wetland Use Permit.

APPROVED: Recommendation that City Council approve amendments to the UDC to eliminate minimum parking requirements for any land use in any zoning district. Site plan requirements for EV infrastructure would be amended to apply only to newly constructed parking spaces. Amendments would also adjust EV requirements by type/classification of infrastructure.

Legistar and Video Links

Legistar: https://a2gov.legistar.com/MeetingDetail.aspx?ID=931698&GUID=8A263A19-4FE5-4A06-BD44-6E10F99ABCEF

YouTube: https://youtu.be/-ogl4wO_B3o

CTN Video: https://ctnvideo.a2gov.org/CablecastPublicSite/show/6669

Meeting Length: 3h 34m