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A2Council Meeting Summary

Ann Arbor City Planning Commission: Dec 13, 2022

This meeting was held remotely using the Zoom application.

This was a working session to discuss potential changes to the Transit Corridor Zoning district (TC-1) recently applied to West Stadium and Maple, as directed by Ann Arbor City Council on December 5, 2022. By resolution, Council directed the City Planning Commission to evaluate and recommend amendments to the TC-1 Zoning District or Unified Development Code (UDC) that incorporate limited automobile uses (excluding drive throughs and gas stations) and address the constraints of existing narrow rights of way.

Legistar link for this working session:

A2Council link for the City Council meeting of December 5, 2022:

A recording of this working session was not made available by the City. I uploaded my recording of the Zoom meeting to YouTube, as well as a video summary. Both videos are available below:

A2Council Update Video Summary

Video of Entire Meeting