Ann Arbor City Planning Commission: January 16, 2024

Jan 16, 2024 | Planning

This meeting was held in person at City Hall.

APPROVED: Release/vacation of three areas of right-of-way fronting 2845 South State Street. The areas under consideration measure 50 x 51 feet, 50 x 229 feet, and 27 x 310 feet. The owner of the property is considering infill development that would include these areas. (Legistar)

  • This item was postponed from the Nov 14, 2023 Planning meeting:
  • As noted in the minutes, “Chair Lee recused himself from the item Public Hearing noting his company’s involvement in the proposed item. Vice Chair Abrons took over chairing the meeting.” According to Linkedin, Wonwoo Lee is the Chief Real Estate Officer for Oxford Companies. At the July 18, 2023 meeting, Wonwoo Lee was elected Chair of the Planning Commission.
  • According to property records, 2845 South State is owned by 777 Associates LLC/Oxford Property Management. This parcel is just north of Oxford Property headquarters at 777 East Eisenhower Parkway.
  • On January 9, 2024, Oxford Properties held a resident participation meeting for a proposed “Arbor South” development that includes these right-of-ways:

POSTPONED: Planned Unit Development (PUD) text amendment for 3520 Green Court, which will also require City Council approval. This item was postponed to the February 22, 2024 Planning Commission meeting. (Legistar)

  • A pre-petition PUD conference for this property was held with the Planning Commission on October 11, 2022. (Legistar) No minutes or video of this meeting were made available by the City.
  • This item was considered at the Sept 19, 2023 Planning meeting, where it was postponed to October 17, 2023:
  • According to the staff report for the Sept 19, 2023 meeting (link) “The original PUD Zoning was approved in 1998 for five parcels totaling just over 35 acres. Four of the parcels have existing buildings that were constructed just after the original PUD approval in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s. One of the parcels addressed as 3525 Green Court has remained vacant and is 7.2 acres in area
  • From the staff report dated October 6, 2023 (link) “The proposed PUD Zoning District revisions, initially discussed on September 19, 2023, were deferred to October 17th due to concerns about public benefits and PUD Supplemental Regulations. The petitioner is collaborating with parcel owners within the PUD Zoning District to address these concerns and requests a further postponement to the November 1st Planning Commission meeting.”
  • At the October 17, 2023 Planning meeting, this item was postponed to November 1, 2023:
  • On October 19, 2023, the University of Michigan Regents approved the purchase of 3520 Green Court. From the proposal (link): “This property will provide significant flexible space and enable a number of key priorities for the College of Engineering and other academic units. These include providing space for the Michigan Mobility initiative, collaborative research centers, administrative and support activities, as well as swing space for future renovations. A purchase price of $6,650,000 has been established with a tentative closing in December 2023, all subject to approval by the Board of Regents. Existing tenants will be allowed to continue for the remainder of their leases.”
  • Minutes from the October 19, 2023 University of Michigan Regents’ meeting:
  • According to City of Ann Arbor records, 3520 Green Court was sold to the “Regents of the University of Michigan” on December 20, 2023 for $6,650,000.
  • From the staff memo dated January 9, 2024 (link) “The proposed PUD Zoning District revisions, initially discussed on September 19, 2023, were deferred to the October 17th meeting due to concerns about public benefits and the PUD Supplemental Regulations. At that meeting, the petitioner requested postponement to November 1st and then to January 16th to collaborate with all parcel owners within the PUD Zoning District to address the Planning Commission concerns. Also at the November 1st Planning Commission meeting, four of the parcels in the PUD District were added by the Planning Commission to the City Initiated TC1 rezoning of the Plymouth Road Corridor. The petitioner objected to this inclusion into the TC1 zone at the first reading of the TC1 rezoning at the December 18th City Council meeting. The parcels were removed from the TC1 rezoning by City Council. The petitioner has decided to proceed with modifications to the PUD District and requests a postponement to the February 22, 2024 Planning Commission agenda.”
  • UPDATE: This proposal was withdrawn from the February 22, 2024 Planning agenda:

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Meeting Length: 44m

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