A2Council Meeting Summary

Ann Arbor City Planning Commission: May 16, 2023

This meeting was held in person at City Hall.

Commissioner Hammerschmidt was absent

POSTPONED: South Town Rezoning, Site Plan, and Street Vacation (1601 S State St) (Legistar)

A project (“SouthTown by 4M”) with three petitions to redevelop the block bounded by South State Street, White Street, Henry Street, and Stimson Street:

1) A petition to rezone a block of 10 parcels from R4C (Multi-Family Dwelling) to C1A/R With Conditions (Campus Business Residential) with an offer to reduce the maximum height limit to 100 feet, set a maximum vehicle parking limit of 0.25 per dwelling unit, and set a minimum active open space requirement of 50 square feet per dwelling unit;

2) A site plan for City Council approval to construct a 220,000-square feet mixed-use building with ground floor retail, office and child care space, and approximately 215 apartments; and

3) A petition to vacate the public alley in the block. Site includes addresses 1601 S State St, 1605 S State St, 1607 S State St, 1609 S State St, 1611 S State St, 1606 White St, 1608 White St, 1610 White St, 1612 White St, and 714 Henry St.

APPROVED: Rezoning of parcels annexed from Ann Arbor Township to R1D (2775 Newport Road, 2737 Newport Road, 2466 Newport Road, 2354 Newport Road, 2318 Newport Road, 2108 Newport Road, 1429 Bird Road, 1375 Bird Road, 2116 Victoria Circle, 2118 Victoria Circle, 2114 Victoria Circle) (Legistar)

  • This will go to City Council for final approval

Legistar and Video Links

Legistar: https://a2gov.legistar.com/MeetingDetail.aspx?ID=1069300&GUID=522DC576-C1A2-446E-B788-4A07AD4EA209

YouTube: https://youtu.be/gHTOnsiAY0I

CTN Video: https://ctnvideo.a2gov.org/CablecastPublicSite/show/8333

Meeting Length: 4h 8m