Ann Arbor City Planning Commission: October 18, 2022

Oct 18, 2022 | Planning

This meeting was held in person at City Hall.

Commissioner Lee was absent.

APPROVED: Recommendation that City Council approve amendments to the UDC that eliminate current exceptions and revise standards for alternative stormwater detention. Amendments reorganize standards and requirements for stormwater management.

APPROVED: A draft 2023-2028 Parks and Recreation and Open Space (PROS) Plan. The PROS Plan includes an inventory of parkland and amenities, explanation of the budget and land acquisition process, and long-term goals of the park system in order to guide the future of services and programs. This plan replaces the 2016-2020 PROS plan.

APPROVED: Planning Commission Work plan for FY23.

  • Included in the plan is the RFP for revision of the Comprehensive Land Use Plan, with consideration of the following:
    • Equity
    • Single family zoning
    • Eliminating “neighborhood character” and defining “community desires”
    • Exclusionary zoning
    • R1 zoning lot size and setbacks
    • Affordability measures
    • Climate resiliency
  • Related to adoption of the Comprehensive Land Use revision:
    • Mixed Use neighborhoods
    • Residential District infill
    • Unzoning
    • Parking Maximums
    • R4C
  • Also in the work plan:
    • TC-1 zoning for Washtenaw Avenue and Plymouth Road
    • Electrification/Net zero buildings
    • Reconsideration of housing premiums and solar energy readiness.

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Meeting Length: 2h 12m

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