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For each Ann Arbor City Council meeting, I have written summaries of agenda items, along with Legistar links, articles I’ve written, and articles published on MLive. I also provide links to the agenda on the City’s Legistar website, CTN’s YouTube video of the meeting, and to my newsletters and voting charts.

Elizabeth Nelson

Latest City Council Meeting Summary

Ann Arbor City Council: December 19, 2022

Ann Arbor City Council: December 19, 2022

The Ann Arbor City Council meeting of December 19, 2022 was held in person at City Hall. CMs Akmon, Cornell, Disch, and Song were absent. Due to the absences, items requiring 8 votes were removed from the agenda.

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In addition to written summaries on this website, I also make video summaries of City Council meetings, plus other City of Ann Arbor meetings. You can find more videos on my YouTube channel

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