Village of Ann Arbor Resident Participation Meeting: March 27, 2023

Mar 27, 2023 | Public Meetings

This is my Zoom recording of a public engagement meeting held on March 27, 2023. The meeting was led by Robertson Brothers Homes and DTN Management to review plans for a new residential community located on the south side of Dhu Varren Road east of Pontiac Trail, near the previously approved “Village of Ann Arbor” development.

The proposed site plan amendment would incorporate this parcel into the approved Village of Ann Arbor development, which consists of 164 for‐sale townhome and 320 rental apartment units, to be constructed south of Dhu Varren Road and east of Pontiac Trail. The proposed site plan adds approximately 11 acres to the site along Pontiac Trail which will result in an additional 120 stacked apartment units in four buildings being added to the north side of the site. The additional land will result in the site being approximately 78 acres in size. The entire site now consists of the following parcels: 1680 Dhu Varren Road, 1710 Dhu Varren Road, 2670 Pontiac Trail, 2672 Pontiac Trail, 2600 Pontiac Trail, 2540 Pontiac Trail, 2520 Pontiac Trail, 2678 Pontiac Trail, and 2682 Pontiac Trail.

For more about this project:

Video of Resident Participation Meeting

Meeting Announcement Letter

This is the letter that was sent to local residents:

Village of Ann Arbor Resident Participation Meeting March 27 2023 Letter
Village of Ann Arbor Resident Participation Meeting March 27 2023 Letter

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